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Upon dangerous women were really risking getting healthy with fruit or worse on stage and the the scholar and broadly wrote of really wonderful book called radical spirits about this history and in the press as she states about how her colleagues had were really upset with her when this book came out in nineteen eighty nine because they were embarrassed by the fact that spiritualism was attached to the women's rights movement let's talk about lily Dale for a moment ready go to a break in about a minute but lily Dale I guess you compare it to sort of the Vatican for spiritualism yes yes the historian run eighty at Louisville always says as Rome is the Catholicism lily Dale is to spiritualism and and hundreds of people have been practitioners they're why they're I'm at it well spiritual number originated in upstate New York outside of Rochester and it just happened there was like a summer area where people go in the summer it really does look kind of like a camp town and then it ended up involving into a college town and now it's a hamlet where four hundred people live is there is it just a circumstance that it ended up being the capital of spiritualism or is there something about that place that nobody really understands why so many religious movements erupted in upstate New York in the eighteen hundreds of the burned over district and that's where Mormonism and seven day Adventism.

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