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Untitled announced streaming service jon favreau is going to be producing it and we we've we have the first information about this tv series brad we know yes we heard a while back that jon favreau was going to be the writer and executive producer of a new live action star wars series but that was pretty much all that was an ounce at the time we had no indication as to what it would be about what the series might entail anything like that but john fabra was walking the red carpet last night on the solo star wars story premier and he was asked about his developing live action star wars series by noticed and while he didn't give away too many specific details he did give us some information that we didn't yet know before the biggest piece that he told us is that the show would take place seven years after the battle of indoor in return of the jedi which means it takes place quite a long time before the events of the force awakens there's roughly thirty years or so in between the and the force awakens so there's a couple of decades here that haven't happened leading up to the force awakens during the time of this series takes place in addition he said the series will feature all new characters so we're not looking at a series that focuses on any canon characters that we've met elsewhere in the star wars saga so far but that also doesn't rule out the possibility of seeing any of those character potentially pop up in small camel rose pano roles here and they're kind of similar to the way that we would see familiar hair just pop up on star wars rebels and then finally he mentioned that they would be using the same kind of technology that he used on the jungle book and the lion king during the production of the show what that's kind of interesting in and of itself because amb sounds like they'll be using a lot of visual effects to create the environments and characters in this movie was similar to the way that the jungle book and lion king or entirely shot on a sound stage on created with digital effects in post production that sounds like it would be really expensive so i assume that this is going to be a pretty high budget production since disney streaming service and we don't really have a game.

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