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To get started today. W T O P at 11 28 traffic and Weather on the Eights Rita Kessler in the W. T o P Traffic Center on the Beltway in Maryland. This is in Prince George's County, the inner loop of the Beltway. The delay from the Suitland Parkway headed past Allentown Road and before Branch Avenue. This was the wreck reported on the left side. At one point colors. You're saying they saw a car facing the wrong direction, North bound Branch Avenue before the Beltway was the car with its flashes on in the second lane from the right people were coming up on it. Speeds is something you want to watch out for. Also in the district north, about 92 95 near Malcolm X Avenue watch for the work set up taking lane not seeing much of a delay anymore, but the work is usually they're also we had the earlier issue on the Suitland Parkway. This was inbound near Naylor Road College. Your reporting just that impound White was malfunctioning. The other ones were working just fine to keep an eye out for any delays in any redirection there on the Bay Bridge wind warnings in effect, this does not carry any vehicle restrictions. In Virginia, South bound 95 still seeing the delay now before the center Port Parkway headed all the way towards 17 and the Rappahannock River Bridge. This was emergency Guard rail work along the left side. Get a fresh new look at Ashley Homestore's beat the Winter Blues sale going on now say, 50% off store wide. Please take an extra 20% off your Ashley. Purchase. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY Traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets. Not too bad of an afternoon as we continue to become sunny throughout the remainder of the afternoon temperatures today a rising into the upper thirties, even low forties.

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