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On on Wall Street, Brendan hazelton. Hillary Howard, another Federal Reserve interest rate hike, and the Dow is up ten points. Brendan Hazleton. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River. Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. They Preston in here keeping track of what's going on at the World Cup. Yes, second half of the second semifinal underway France leading tournament darlings Morocco won nothing, Theo Hernandez finding the net of the 5th minute with a left foot or the winter place Argentina in Sunday's final NFL commanders will start west Schweitzer at center for Sunday Night's game with the New York Giants. Everybody on the roster participating in practice today, coach Ron Rivera's team preparing to play the Giants for the second time in three weeks coming into this week, our guys our coaches are really prepared, players have come back and they picked up right where we left off. As I said, though my only concern today is we were a little sloppy about some things that we got to show up and tighten up. First time Washington's had consecutive regular season games against the same team since the mid 60s NBA wizards guard Bradley field and Ford Chris dumps porzingis won't be available for tonight's game in Denver whiz of lost 7 in a row 9 p.m. tip off on 1500 a.m.. Men's college basketball 20th ranked Maryland meets up with number 16 UCLA coach Kevin Willard tells us how a phone call led to this interesting situation. When I got the job Nick called and I thought he was calling the congratulate me and he needed a pit stop before he played Kentucky. And I am a I'm a good friend and so I said yes. Hey, this is a lesson for all those kids out there. Somebody calls you on your phone, you're not sure what the message is going to be. Just wait and let it go to voicemail text them back. You control the call. NHL call it the great 800 capital sport Alex Ovechkin's hat trick gives him 800 for his career. That's one shy of Gordie Howe for second all time. Caps host Dallas tomorrow night. There may be a ticket or two available for this potential history making game. Dave Preston WTO sports. All righty, thank you, Dave. There is a new mind bending museum open on H street in downtown D.C.. It's called the museum of illusions and WTO's Christie king checked it out. So

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