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The end of the year actually the end of the decade Rolling Stone magazine what's that I keep forgetting that's the end of the end of the decade yeah talk about that on the line that's right it's an EKG oh my god you know it seems even more strange when you think about it that way it seems like yesterday when we had the change over the flip over to the millennium the new millennium and what was going to happen was everything was going to stop at midnight when the year two thousand light okay why do gay yeah nothing anyway add released magazines put out a list of the best holiday songs that have been released during the last decade to have the top nine why did they give us ten because there's some other rap songs in there that none of us would like editing I see okay so here are the highlights on the list starting with Paul Simon is getting ready for Christmas that came on twenty eleven all the clocks in with something which he did in twenty thirteen called underneath the free is quite a good sign on this the other night country music so now on the C. make Christmas you might if I know the voice did their version of baby it's cold outside yeah right okay also on this this Ariana Grande's December she came out of that twenty fifteen everything she has done the same a good judge of you know she has some Christmas songs that I actually really like this album that came out I think in two thousand fifteen yeah it's old Christmas yeah which I had no idea about until two weeks ago and that the album came out years ago and I saw some article about it that was like the the Christmas album that no one knows about I don't know number.

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