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20,000 state workers under the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. Maryland Council three. That includes correctional officers, state hospital workers and social workers and outside firm will conduct an independent investigation into allegations against a Frederick, Maryland alderman who is accused of inappropriate conduct with women. The Fredericknewspost reports that comes after another alderman posted on Facebook that he had heard from several women that Roger Wilson had engaged in unwelcome advances, coercion and other inappropriate behavior. Wilson has strongly denied the charges and criticized the statement is an attempt to deter his challenge. The 2021 mayor's race. The possession of items associated with drug use has been decriminalized in D. C. There are no longer criminal penalties if someone has any type of paraphernalia used for drugs. Organizations in D. C are also able to distribute harm reduction supplies that were previously a crime under D. C law, such a safer snorting and smoking kids. Shared or unsafe supplies put drug users at brisk of hepatitis C, HIV and both viral and bacterial infections, including Corona virus. Advocates say the bill will expand services to benefit all people who use drugs in the district Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed the bill to become law after the D C council voted in favor of it Unanimously. Andrea can bring w t O P news. Many may be dragging during the pandemic, but there's an easy way to get employees to be more productive. Some bosses like this, Carol From office space are probably beyond help. I'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too, OK, but for the rest of the management force frequent. Thank you said the hardworking employees have been shown to boost the bottom line, the authors of leading with gratitude say in its simplest form, saying thanks cost nothing and only requires minimal time and attention. And while the business case for showing gratitude is clear, don't forget the human case. The importance of cultivating a positive experience that work Dmitry soldiers. W T O P News Coming up in money News Star book Starbucks is changing its focus amid the pandemic. It's 10 23. Are you single and surviving this pandemic all alone? Do you wonder how you're going to meet new people and even date as the world begins to open back up? Are you over online dating and virtual gatherings. Then it's time you joined my social calendar. My social calendar is a nationwide events club for singles that's been around for 10 years..

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