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That's strangely. Freeing thing is just leave. Everyone who makes you feel lonely and find people who don't and that is the strangely accidental process. I found almost the entire time. And the idea of being open to the serendipity of others is half the battle if you walk into a room when you say. I'm going to just be myself and hopefully that works and other people do the same. That's how you end up with like really goofy weird conversations and oh it hello. It's you of course it is yes. Let's be friends. It goes against all of the misbehave yourself. And look exactly right at all times sort of advice which. I don't think he's ever worked for real connection. No no real connection take some degree of like you said being yourself yet and the vulnerability of going against all the training you've taken from from everything that's made you lonely the instagram and performance and the professionalism aspects of our lives and just shedding that and being. I'm a human being high. Yeah we have this spiritual habits program. It's a group program and we take the big group divided up into smaller groups and one of the most satisfying things for me has been watching some of those small groups form and become real friendships. That endure over time. I think the element there is. Yeah somebody takes a chance you know somebody was just telling me about. We did a breakout group. One of our sunday sessions and somebody said we got into. This breakout room and like right out of the gate. One person just shared this incredibly vulnerable thing and foam. The whole room lit up and came alive. And i feel like i four new friends because one person was willing to do it. That's beautiful that's one of those magical sort of. Oh this is. Maybe how civilizations started right. Oh it didn't happen because we call the meeting on zoom and we had five people talk about three bullet points so it was more. Just hi. i'm here and this is part of me and other people are like all i'm hearing..

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