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Her though the ways we pay for years as you have just described a massive federal project that produces sustainable leonard is gonna make money as well furthermore we do away with the tax breaks and subsidies that the fossil fuel industry now receives which in fact is massive. I've thirdly we create twenty million new jobs as we transform our energy system and improve our infrastructure and those are going to be good paying union jobs lobs and those folks are going to be paying taxes fourthly for a variety of reasons. We've cut military spending fifthly do away with trump's huge tax breaks for the rich rich and six. We have a progressive tax them which the man's large corporations and the rich stop paying their fair share of taxes so on the on the job that twenty million dollars twenty million in job number jumped out at me and at first i thought well this is implausible just even within the plant but the plan when you're talking about replacing every diesel school bus in america which is what the plan calls for a lot of jobs. What is your to me. There's there's a mismatch between the promises and the reality that that makes these things hard right their coworkers right now out of work in wyoming their co workers <music> who are stationed. I think in harlan county kentucky not getting that ryan chin's not letting those that call move because they've been screwed time and time again. What do you say to them what they say why. Why should i believe that the promise you're making could be a reality but one of the things that we do and we put many many tens of billions of dollars into a just transition program which says those coal miners and the men and women work on the oil rigs. You are not our enemy. You're working to feed your family. I am perhaps the strongest pro union pro work member of the congress those people and not my enemy. What is my enemy is climate change and we have the very very strong approach to make sure that those workers get trained for new jobs. They get the healthcare that they need to get the educational opportunities that they need but the bottom line of all of this chris is either we believe in what the scientists are telling us all we do not and if we believe what they are telling us is that we got fewer than twelve years in order to transform our energy system or else there will be irreparable damage on our country country in the planet well. If that is the reality. I happen to believe the scientists that we have to act comprehensively last point that i wanna make on this chris. This is not just an american initial. What is so very dangerous about. Trump is that we need a president who is leading the world. That's hot that is really hot. If if you think what i'm talking about for our country is difficult. Try getting rusher in china in india all these other countries about what i have been saying and. I know that this is not going to happen tomorrow but maybe just maybe in the midst of this crisis. Maybe the countries of the world wake up and understand that instead of spending a trillion and a half dollars every year on weapons of destruction designed to kill each other. Maybe we pool our resources together and we come out common enemy which is climate change. They wanted the american province. I think talk to you. Thank you don't watch drake you around <music> blinding faustina turner tampa cisco last week or climate activist but from the sun rise movement lobbied the d._n._c. to host the climate themed debate senator turner stood with protesters protesters and solidarity rally mammoths few else on earth can unfortunately they were unable to convince the d._n._c. which voted down the climate being bean seventeen to eight but undoubtedly they will hurt at an affordable housing.

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