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Doc but like it could end up being like what I'm saying we're like if you guys are talking about. Now we have a third source source. Yes in baseball. Yes like like connected to the mets being like. That's not to say that it's true but that's to say that like people that are connected to the the mets are hearing what you're hearing. I mean if you can't tell on my reaction right there I really. I was probably leaning towards like seventy percent. This is not true and that just swayed me to like ninety nine central inch Kevin like I feel like we had to Redo the podcast. Because I'd read the mets step right up and I feel like I was doing it almost like a little bit like funding and tongue in cheek and now I need to do it like okay. Now wait jump off the get out of the car. Get back on the Marines. I don't know but I I think I think that what we're dealing with here is is a situation where if it was five years down the line and that if this gets out there that people are finding out that this isn't going to work out and they see the backlash from mets fans they can. There's plenty of time to sit back down at the table and figure it out. There's been backlash for years Bro. Like mets screaming forever. That's Steve Cohen. Money what do you know what I just said what do you what did you hear I. I'll send you a screen shot. I can't say definitely better not be fucking with. Not If you do that. I will not be your friend ever not got okay. Changes say it because you've got to protect your sources. You literally just told GAZ Yesterday. Hey that if you sat on a bomb you would say it way gas was asking you guys like if you actually had real information about what's going on in baseball you would never try. Yes I would yes I would I have before just fucking say it I just did. I just told you I found jet just that there's like trouble. Yeah just people that are actually connected to the mets are hearing what Kevin is talking about who it is no. That's fine information to be like someone that's actually sitting on more information. They don't know all I was told. was that someone that was actually connected to the mets was hearing got all the things that Kevin was talking about. So it's not like a pay this person this person. Kyle's that's the only hearing more like more and more people. I think we broke a story. Kevin if that's fucking do you. I'm the first person to deliver the Goddamn like smallpox to the fan base great. We're all fucking dead. Sorry I'm sorry Eric Heaven I'm sorry Kevin. That's the worst news that I've ever gotten sports. You'RE GONNA say in general. Yeah well that's because it's not true jeered might might've case might be say honestly I said hope is the worst of things like you. Don't get my hopes up. I was fine. I was miserable miserable but I was. Okay just living in the fucking basement where I always belong and then I got out of the basement and I snuck up into the master bedroom and I started fucking jerk off in. They're having a party. And now I'm thrown back into the basement I'm not doing it I'm not doing. I mean you're not going to be a mets fan anymore you can Albee.

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