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You know i may be amodio hunter something but i do make a point to try to end up going places offseason and so i've been quite lucky away fine my far you're hill like no i never i'm nervous cut him out breadline fine i mean i've been like and it probably many americans i've been to like rockefeller square christmas time or something like that experienced it in in in a local sets uh but in terms of international travel uh i think you know i and i think that's it's come with its own unique set of experiences toucas a you know when talking about places being closed down in talking from experience like i've gotten to do some really need things but i am also you know in venice when it's very cold and rainy verses when it's you know nice warm outsider something like that but you know the benefit is that saint mark's us very far fewer tourists than it would otherwise i will say i have stood in both sunsari me again you can listen to me discuss answer any indepth come from coast i've said it censoring and literally thorpe's i am effectively on a circuit that everyone his walking and if i slow down it's a bit like being on a running track because people behind will get annoyed because they're going around and i have been in amsterdam and thoughts noone within within sight is the only the it isn't author tourist or someone hate to sell something for the tourist like postcards or coffee and that did feel a little bit a sats it felt like i was in a cheap movie version of amsterdam sense rainy and it was very disappointing yet of had mixed experiences in some of these places because it certainly been in the parts of barcelona when i was there parts of the city where certainly overrun and felt inaccessible felt like what you're describing which is this everybody here is either a visitor or servicing visitors you know kind of business and it didn't feel like that was in a particularly authentic way same thing with venice it's like any where i go in italy i have a little bit of a in a sort of inside track because typically my wife for her fan.

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