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Public hearing in October. Supervisor Turner says the sponsor of the memorial, the American Legion, has agreed to a new plaque with names listed alphabetically. I want command of the F W in the American Legion. The goal is to install the new integrated plaque next year on the memorials 1/100 anniversary. Dick Uliano w T. O P. NEWS Maryland is trying to streamline the process of counting ballots that are sent through the mail, with state election leaders expecting a big surge in that kind of voting in November due to the Corona virus pandemic. Maryland's Board of elections approved to change that applies on Ly to this presidential election. It does away with the rule that required a team of people to count mail in ballots. Change allows for an individual election judge to canvass ballots by themselves just as long as the public is allowed to watch the process. The U. S. Postal Service's inspector general is searching for ways to improve the way it handles balance. It's uncovered a problem in Maryland that happened earlier this year ahead of the state's primary election. That audit finds that back in May 68,000 pieces of political male from a candidate sat around one postal facility in Baltimore four days it happened even though that processing a distribution center said political and election male had been cleared every day. Ballots were not affected in this case, however, since then postal workers Have said several sorting machines that often help with election male have been removed from mail facilities around the ST John Doman. W T O P News this Labour Day weekend. Even with the pandemic, lots of people are heading out of town, and some will see flashing lights behind them. With people looking for ways to get away for the long weekend safely. Most of them are driving. That means stayed in local looking for drivers who were doing it, Unsafely. In Maryland supers will be working overtime. Thanks. The highway Safety Grands Labor Day weekend is always near the top in terms of being most dangerous. And just remember, if you're hosting a Labor day best you could be held liable if someone you serve booze to ends up in an out the whole related crash. Neil Organ Stain Double GOP knows we're getting a better idea of just how severe a hit the local tourism industry has taken from the pandemic and what's being done to try to restore jobs and revenue. After welcoming nearly 23 million domestic visitors last year, D C is expecting that number to be cut in half for this year. With about 11 million domestic visitors expected, according to the group, Destination DC and looking ahead 2022 2021. It's going to be a slow climb out of where we are. Elliot Ferguson is the president and CEO of Destination D. C. We know that after 9 11 it took us 10 years, Teo get back to the numbers of visitors that we had. In 2000, he says they'll be appealing to those within driving range to visit the city and promoting new destinations like Black Lives Matter. Plaza John Aaron W. T O P. News It's 11 15 sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black. White think red. Here's Rob would for Sandy. The NFL teams have to pair Dara rosters down to 53 players by 4 P.m. this afternoon. The Washington football team with another surprise cut this morning as local product, Sean Davis said to be released despite receiving a $2 million signing bonus in the off season to be the presumed starting safety, But instead, it was Troy AKI. Grab control of the competition early and he has taken most of the first team reps opposite Landon Collins also reportedly released today. Receivers trade Quinn and Cam Sim, center Ross Pierce, Bacher and tight and Richard Rodgers. Linebacker Reuben Foster reportedly headed to injured reserve. Thus ending his season before it even begins for the second straight year. On a lighter note, the Adrian Peterson release has led to some changes in Jersey numbers, according to Ben, Standing at the Atlantic. Landon Collins is going back to his college number 26, which was vacated by Peterson's release, and with Collins, ditching 20 that will now go to Jimmy Moreland. And speaking of numbers to Shawn Watson, getting a lot of them on his paycheck from the Houston Texans. He's agreed to a four year extension reportedly worth a total of $177.5 million with 111 million and guarantees. The annual average of 39 million in base salary makes him the highest paid player in the NFL during the life of that contract. This, of course, as I starting to Baltimore as reigning MVP Lamar Jackson, Here's the time to extend his contract. Yesterday, the Nationals and Orioles started their doubleheader sport Lee, but both rallied to victory in the night cap the Nets ending their seven game losing skid, They'll look to beat the Braves again at 7 10, with Eric Betty, making his first career start in Atlanta. The Orioles after snapping a 19 games slide to the Yankees. Now go for their first win streak over the pinstripes and what feels like forever. Rob would fork W T OBY sports. It's 11 17. Right now. At T Mobile, You could get two powerful iPhone 11 pros on us, which can come in handy if you're spending more time together than usual like me and Mike. Yeah, not a lot of meat on these days, But now we each have a knife on 11 pro So we can do our own thing and separate parts of the house. The three cameras they're perfect for capture my D I Y projects. I'm repaying the car and I can face time with my besties. Wait! What are you doing to the car? Haven't you seen my posts? Oh, wow. 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