Ryan Seacrest, Z, Lena Dunham discussed on Imus in the Morning


Nj died dot com studios connell charles manson is dead are you said get them out anyway charles johnson of course he gave many interviews over the years apparently ah the head of some sort of agreement to allow people into the prison anyway geraldo rivera interviewed them at one point take a lesson wall sent clinton has any relation to the world i saw this cinquanta children gotta is reaching for germany's germany's want rights that's what prisons a four and then this exchange between geraldo this is an 1983 geraldo and charles manson and 1983 and manson sounds pretty ah unstable the panel i'd you hit off home some german blunt eight awful me some germline had my teeth knocked out your life in that misery is looking heller admitted as weakness ain't got no misery in paradise man everybody's my french enemies no injuries that i know of fourth in here what is not a la uh no i don't know what are asked to them the not entirely with yourself man with an of beer did you like me out of like you know lining the allied jewish way of the us back certainly he died of natural causes now he could he di was sentenced to death but the switch that around and we ended up paying from forever one prisoner did try to kill him a few years ago throwing a lighter fluid on them or something either way natural causes 83 a nansen out the house byebye and you know there's a lot of all these sexual assault and harassment allegations governor cuomo actually named in a lawsuit apparently he ignored the pleas of a sexual harassment victim of somebody who he appointed anyway you have russell simmons deny while not denying actually saying that will what he did to a seventeen year old was consensual him in brett ratner another guy who's been accused by many multiple accusations of sexual assault the of lena dunham who would defended an accused rapist and then of sort of backtracked didn't didn't change what she said but said maybe i should have said this at this time ryan seacrest of course accused z says the his accuser is a liar so a lot of that stuff out there now hillary clinton for her part she said over the weekend about bills accusers this.

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