Investigation Finds Israeli Spyware Used to Target Phones of Journalists and Activists

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You may have heard of the spyware pegasus before today it had been used by saudi authorities to monitor journalist jamaica shoghi before his assassination. Today we learned that. The israeli made surveillance tool is pretty popular. A consortium of news organizations found that several countries are using pegasus to spy on journalists activists and dissidents including the hungarian investigative news organization. Direct thirty six. Andreas have patios one of the journalists air. He was also part of the investigation andrea. Tell us a little bit about your organization. Thirty six and how you discover that people. There were essentially being spied on thirty. Six is an investigative reporting nonprofit basting hungary we have a team of seven people. And how did you discover that you were being surveilled by a pegasus. The project led by a paris based organization for be on stories and they had access to a database of phone numbers that were selected as a surveillance targets by the clients of nso. Sunday found that one of my colleagues subways plenty investigative reporter covering the national security issues. He was one of the targets and we found that a second colleague of mine on die. Supple was also one of the targets and then the proof of their surveillance was that the amnesty international security lab they analyze the phones the devices of my two colleagues and they found clear tracy's some software

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