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T. V. U. the Buckeyes making a case or who is going to be the six time in the last seven years the Buckeyes about a quarterback selected in the first round Denzel ward fourth overall in twenty eighteen marshon Lattimore the year before Bradley Roby Eli apple it goes on and on and on okay to the latest great defensive backs going high in the draft out of Ohio state an absolute freak show unit I know the New Orleans Saints are only upset they might not be able to grab another one in offensive backfield all right it didn't chime we're on our final pick of the day pick number four in the goal to win gold mock draft one to the New York football giants so to help us out with that ninety eight seven ESPN new York's very own Donna Greco joins us now donned the fourth overall pick in the draft thanks a lot gentleman in the Golovkin win gold mock draft the York giants with the fourth selection pick up Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons your profile with Mel Kiper junior will turn pro for today's NFL that's Isaiah Simmons the general line like nobody for three nine speed two hundred forty pounds six three may have a great formula that's a system in fact go into the system and batting down passes he's a guy can be forty yards down the field put as historian running with receivers he talked about the importance of him on tight ends so knows what his role will be to get after the quarterback he is a freak and he was productive for civility what can't choose not like about ISIS and helping you pick this kid apart and scrutinize him I don't get it he's perfect for today's NFL as I said he should be a dynamic presence on the football field love love love this guy put John we know Dave.

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