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All that? So they want better versions of what they already know. So, but I think it'll be type thing where they rolled out. Right? People will really adapt to quickly and be pretty awesome. So. They're all right. Next up from Lakewood. Says we'll xbox exclusives beyond pc or at least the xbox game. Ultimate. Yes Up They don't care about. The console exclusivity and playstation fans I'm sorry we love you but you gotta get over it. Like it doesn't matter just want you to play the damn game. And they make money from that anyways. Yeah. You're supporting the brand whether you play on the console or the PC doesn't matter. You're still supporting xbox. So just stop and get over it. Sorry next question. All right. Last one Exxon tosses Microsoft's gets rid of the xbox live gold paywall and instead just has gained pass in place Do you think that moves the needle in terms of market share? Maybe. I don't think they're gonNA get rid of the payroll though. Yeah. I think maybe they should because I saw me got rid of theirs especially like to play like four nine online. Whereas you do need an xbox live gold membership and they're making so much money through game pass that I don't know why. It just doesn't become game passes is the thing and like maybe you get benefits but JIM member back in the day you need to have gold like stream net flix. Yeah. That was always stupid. Ridiculous. And I think now like free to play games like four nine should just be. You know you shouldn't have to have gold to play that. But that's odd. You know. So just like you said, but but that's like. Why not still take advantage of the what forty fifty million people that have gold. That's a huge revenue stream for them allows them to do things like potentially by WB Games. that. They'd really be willing to give up that type of revenue. Just for PR. Yes. They are still being at the end of the day. They should just do what does in and you get the free. Games. And then maybe a couple extra bonuses like maybe more reward points if you have gold. Yeah, they should probably get rid of being able to like not play. Fortnight without paying that because you know parents are going to. If they know that they're going to choose playstation because the if their kid is only playing four night, why would they pick the machine that? You know you have to pay an extra ten dollars a month to play it. Versus. Not. Or Five Year but whatever. Questions so all right. Well, thanks every Sunday nine again like Stevens said, if you question, you'll be entered to win our monthly which we draw the first episode of every single month for the previous month. So Watch for that coming up first week of August. Aren't. Let's go to understand. This has been absentee nineteen next week we have absolute number two, hundred and twenty and we'll preview. The xbox showcase make some predictions all that fun stuff. But in the meantime head over to generation xbox DOT COM and use the links there to join the community and help support the show Patriot patriot, dot com slash generation xbox.

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