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He actually had concussion problems. It wasn't that he couldn't see, but he had several concussion symptoms and because, you know, he's so wealthy and so famous. He went to the best concussion centers, and they were hooking electrodes up to his head. No one did anything for him. And I just said, I'm like, a couple times, and he was like, well better. Amazing. Any MMA guys or anybody that you remember specifically that was just remarkable story or just that's very memorable adjustment. That you can share. I mean, the only the only. Memorable many of the things. I think maybe somebody adjusted them, then they choke you out or something go like that. I mean, the thing that comes to mind is here's one, and it was actually not the greatest story in a way, but it was a great story anyway. So I'm not, I don't get starstruck very easily. When I'm around famous people, like I just don't care. And it's kind of funny. One MMA fighter came to me. And I don't know why. I just kind of got starstruck when I was around him. And it didn't really make sense because I was never like a huge fan of his, not that I didn't like him. I had nothing against him whatsoever. And I respected him totally, and I was a fan, but I wasn't, I wasn't a big fan of his. I wasn't a big fan at all. And there were plenty of people who were just as, if not more famous than him, who have come to me who I really liked. You think if I was going to get starstruck, it would have happened around then. I mean, I've just had hicks and Gracie. I wasn't starstruck around him at all. Yeah. But Randy couture came into me to get adjusted. And I don't know why. I got kind of starstruck. I don't even know why I did. It was kind of weird. And I'm not breaking patient confidentiality, which I would never do. Because he wrote this in his autobiography, what I'm going to say. So Randy comes in and I feel the back of his head and he had a chronic zone two, which means his a limited system had been out for a long time. I felt that in his head.

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