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Get more from KYW's Ed Benkin Jordan Hex was impressed by the large turnout of eagles, fans at open practice and Hicks is, exciting to, think about how tonight's atmosphere will be with eagles play the. Steelers in preseason action blast Practice camp rock and so I can only imagine what First time takes is excited to get back on the field after seeing a. Season cut short last year due to an achilles injury I'm Ed Benkin KYW NewsRadio eagles and the Steelers seven o'clock kickoff tonight at the link Phillies are they opened a weekend, series in San Diego against the Padres tomorrow night Zach f. one we'll. Get the ball for the fills in the series opener fighting's just dropped two out of three. In Arizona yesterday the Diamondbacks beat them six to nothing so the Phillies now sixty four and. Fifty still leading the National League as for the. Moment, they have a half game lead on second place Atlanta the brains are an action, right now and in, the bottom of the eighth inning the Braves are trailing the Washington nationals four to two elsewhere on, the baseball scoreboard staying in the National League top four San Diego. Milwaukee tied at. One in the American League top six it's Minnesota four Cleveland for this golf leaderboard is sponsored by the two thousand eighteen, BMW championship coming to a. Make this September. For tickets visit BMW championship dot com Tom it is the first round of, the PGA championship out, in Saint Louis Rickie Fowler shot a five under sixty five today and he has alone in first, place right now he enjoys a two-shot lead on a group of. Seven golfers who. Sit at three under soccer Philadelphia union today introduce their new sporting director his name is Ernst Tanner he has an extensive, front office resume from overseas After twenty four years working. For different European clubs, it is now executive. The right, point, of time and was always desire of mine to go in the United States, and that was the main reason I took the opportunity union will. Visit the New England Revolution and MLS action on Saturday night. That's sports Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio. Thanks man I'm next on News Radio New.

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