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Have you as always rob is a social critic put them commentator bigger part yuri huffington post contributor any place we would look for you besides having to post on twitter at rob amtel there we go so i'm a little confused by the as always by the healthcare policy is being proposed because we only get a trickle of information and no one seems to really know what's in these plans i'll i keep hearing as veneral grants block grants now the being the big idea here tells of is that is that true a b what does that mean i i think we're being fed misinformation by people that have or are are behaving ideologically on both sides it's making me shit continued now i need real free healthcare it's good hill jimmy kimmel wants to throw out the baby with it fish were thrown out the baby with the bathwater i've always wanted to do abel use that expression maybe is born of blue baby whatever kind of sick child might tragically be broadened to this world he's accusing it republicans and i'm not a republican oh saying oh we're just gonna talk this baby out we're not going to take care of it not true right but but the fact of the matter is obamacare is now working right it's it's it's a doom prospect and republicans have really done nothing to explain those properly other than to say it stinks it's not bad if it it's fairly well i i know it's going to happen i have a crystal ball because i know what's going to happen because it's always happen so here's here's what i predict it's going to get thrown back to the county's the hospitals and the doctors again to build another in catchment that and we because we would you know put the president's first we don't put anything else ahead of that we do the care this necessary to do be done there are laws require us to do so thank goodness and that's where it's going to end up i edge i just know it that's weren't always ends up the my wrong i i think you are white too because nobody wants to take respond kennedy and others saw it that's right and all my son getting his masters in business administration at columbia university right now my wife got her mba there and the.

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