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Jitters we are seeing because in part of the situation Hong Kong seem to have subsided for now and this story now the FBI is sees thirty kilos of cocaine from a tractor trailer on the mass pike in Charlton a suspect is under arrest from Dallas Texas and how about this the disinfecting drone the sky is the limit for the eagle hawk drone company it came up with a million dollar idea to pivot ops during the pandemic it was an idea born of necessity when a lot of the structural started happening we saw a lot of our regular business you to get pushed out of the later or go away so the engineers at Eaglehawk a Syracuse based start up put their minds together article mission you know how to leverage our technology or skills that help business endemic Ripley dot well maybe we could be disinfection via drought virtually overnight C. E. O. Patrick Walsh and his employees transformed from a company that detected roof leaks to a high tech sanitation outfit able to efficiently scrub large spaces and venues are faltering up before we've been contacted by universities and colleges the social complexes at our file any general Major League Baseball teams Broadway theaters Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio neat idea alright Chris thank you for that story we are standing by for a live update on corona virus in the city of Boston mayor Walsh getting ready to speak shortly we will take that news conference live coming up at two thirty it's two twenty.

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