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By calling 1 805 118 42 again 1 805 118 42, Doc, this study you sent me on this omega threes and the memory is amazing. It seems that the participants taking Omega threes had some pretty incredible benefits here When you talk about memory, that is something that kind of slips as we get older. Tell us more about this, would you? Right. This was a great study an important study because what they did, he was very interesting. This had the journal Neurology. And what they did is they checked the omega three level in the red blood cells of women. Ah, 1000 women, older women. So this is a big study of 1000 women. But then again eight years later, and the women were on average 78 years old at this point Did M r. I skins of the women's brains and what they found. Steve. This is so amazing. They found that the brain volume for the women that had higher omega three indexes. In other words, they had Maura Omega threes in their red blood cells, the women that had more omega threes in their red blood cells. They had higher brain volume. They were actually maintaining Morris of the youthful size of the brain. Their brains were bigger. You could see it plainly in the Emory measurements. That's really cool, but Only that there's a very important part of the brain notice the hippocampus very important part of the brain that facilitates learning facilitates memory, and there was greater brain volume in the hippocampus for people that had more omega threes in their red blood cells. That's how you can really measure how much I'm making three. Someone's taking in. So if you take omega threes, you will raise your Omega Three index. We know this. It's a fact you take Omega threes. You raise that up. So you want to have More omega threes in your bloodstream very important that have infuses and all the cell membranes into the joints into the brain, etcetera. So take the Crillon maker 50. Plus you get the krill oil 67% more krill oil so fantastic for the joints. You get the high omega three fish oil, vitamin D, and there is well ask this anthem for extra antioxidant power and protect that brain protect your memory. Facility that quick that youthful thinking that's so fun to have when you when you feel sharp when you feel he could bring his working great, you have that brain energy. It's more fun. It's more fun to be in a conversation. You feel better. You wake at a bit. You have that energy. You feel mentally alert. You feel alive. That's the way I want to feel. That's the way young people feel. That's why we put this in this. Cruel Omega 50. Plus, we want people to feel younger. We want people to maintain their youthful vigor and attitude. And that's what this cruel Omega 50 Plus is all about. All right. I got to tell you, Dr Levin, I take the krill Omega 50 Plus and one of the things that I absolutely love about the pills that it's so small. I mean, it's so easy to take and so much better than trying to swallow one of those Omega three horse pills. You know the bigger ones? Anyone concerned these with ease, and that's what's great about it. Tell us how did you supercharge this formula? While the same time shrinking the capsule size? How do you do that? And right, so so amazing. This is really a breakthrough, Stephen. I mean, for those of you that are picturing this huge will make it three pill. It's not like that. These are tiny They're so small. Anybody can swallow these. My son. Cory has trouble swallowing pills he gets he's down like they're nothing. They're much smaller. They're easy to swallow. And now with our lemon lock flavor system, which I don't even talk about before you open the bottle up even smells like lemon. We lock in the freshness again extra antioxidant protection. Extra krill oil high omega three official supercharging the amount of omega threes in their vitamin D. What of value here Easy to swallow super fresh, great value again. My patients. If they were getting the stuff before they saw me they could be spending 75 $80 to get this combination so incredible value. Then here's what I want you to do. Pick up the phone pretty quick, because believe it or not, 1000 sounds like a lot, but it's not Stephen. Bigger radio stations. They move fast call soon. Free bottle of cruel Omega 50. Plus, everybody's getting that. Don't worry. You're definitely gonna get that. But if you wanted the 1st 1000 callers, then you get the free B 12 energy melts. You know, we need to talk about that one more time. But I wanted to get that too. And I demand this because this is crowing like a 50. Plus, we want this but the folks Hey, if you're in your forties, and you feel run down, it's great for you, too. But 50 60 seventies folks in that age bracket, they're not absorbing to be 12 as well because they're losing some of the intrinsic factors in the G. I tract that response. Well for absorbing to be 12. So now you're put to be 12 energy mold on your tongue taste delicious, And it just gets in there and boosts up those levels of B 12. What do.

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