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But there's an even more powerful explanation for why bananas are so cheap standardization. So the advantage of having the confidence is that it is really monoculture that you can actually grow it consistently. Indra byles, again, formerly of Chiquita. You know, it's going to take to nine months to come to fruition and you know, how that banana is going to function when it's transported. Refrigerated cargo, you know how it's going to be form in the rifling rooms in the country destination. And you know how it's going to be form and hold up on the retail shelf, and it's not just that nearly every banana grown for export is Kevin dish. It's every Kevin dish banana, is genetically the same as the next cabin dish. From a business perspective. That's ideal the ultimate in quality control from an agricultural perspective. However, there's no diversity. So this. Each plant is the same age has the same resistance to disease spreads, as you'll recall, the grow Michelle banana was wiped out years ago by Panama disease or technically FU cerium wilt, it's caused by a fungus that infects the plants roots, and eventually kills the whole plant and leaves the soil, unfit for future banana growth, the stream of Panama disease that killed off the grow. Michelle was known as TR one or tropical race one. Now, there's a strain called TR four. That's tacking the Kevin dish. So in the fallen victim to almost the same disease as the grow, Michelle. So what we see is false. Start apparently in Indonesia Philippines. It's devastated crops, there pharma's moved the become bell to all two in the banana.

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