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Sociology rob see sociology? That is incorrect. Jared a psychology. Yes bundy graduated with distinction with a psychology degree. Then he wanted to attend law school. In September nineteen seventy-three. Bundy began taking night classes at the School of law at the University of puget sound but his law school attendance would be interrupted by his desire to kill. That makes the score. Jared three rob two in early. Nineteen seventy four. Several women went missing and were murdered in the Seattle area as we now know this is when officials claimed Ted Bundy truly became a serial killer question. Number six according to the timeline of his murders. During what years did Bundy operate as a serial killer? A nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy six. B Nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy eight. See Nineteen seventy four to nineteen eighty ROB B. Nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy eight. It is be nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy eight but as we mentioned before some theorized. Bundy killed much earlier eight year. Old Ann Marie. Burr disappeared when Bundy was fourteen years old. He always denied any involvement in her disappearance. That makes the score. Three three Bundy's first confirmed murder took place in February nineteen seventy four when he attacked and abducted Linda an healy from her home near the University of Washington. Healy was known in the community forgiving. The Weekday Ski Report on the radio when she didn't show up for work. Her boss informed her roommates and they began to suspect. Something was wrong. Question number seven. What Evidence did detectives fine to suggest.

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