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Is remarkably convincing as the prophetic young Chou Chou son in a rare film clip of a Chicago production of Madame butterfly Callas like most mature nine Asian sopranos doesn't look right but we can see how hard she's trying to avoid the stereotype how her every gesture is attempting to match what's in her voice it's a rare failure for a singer who completely embodied characters from lady make bath to the consumptive Violetta a greater range of characters more suddenly and more deeply developed than any other singer in history in one of the most thrilling passages in this film two years before she made her indelible complete recording of Carmen an opera she never appeared in on stage kallus sings Carmen's habanero this is a comic tour de force in which we can also see how Carmen's wit and independence will inevitably lead to tragedy if you don't Love Me anymore she sings I love you and if I love you watch out the director is very shrewd in his selection of arias and where he places them we have Callas singing the sexually liberated.

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