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Year is gonna hit more home runs than anybody else last year the Saiyan award it will last year with the site award winner and we also may have a batting champion on our end yeah and with what to show forth who got Cinemax's ride Sally Ann keyboard Sally what's happening what's up in a cell what will we on the net only that they were going to be he also bring up points well there we said man seven I'm like the three year thirteen follow the love it yeah it's time to sell everybody so good what you filled out a good I don't know what the other one because the farm is the one and then you put the court for everybody else get rid of everybody and then start a new Opel you'll get a new because this is not working Savile listen listen listen I think that we're all on the same page the Mets need to sell right but when you say get rid of it everybody you can't get rid of every like think about Alonzo you're not getting rid of and again right now but I do but let's let's now let's not let's just make these broad general statement there's a couple of guys that you could get rid of that would shake things up that I think could be trade pieces right but notice in the guards one of on center court one of them pretty good without a doubt okay or what about what about a guy like Rosario war Conforto or dom Smith what about those guys touching those guys I don't feel that there's enough there to say yes or no I mean there could not form among the site for them to get rid of them but I throughout all of them we're sorry out so I think you got it the managers also we've got a good book or Joe one of the you know what he's working with those guys and I work in the party van wagon and less they're given assurances that they can do what they want Joe Girardi was kind of tiptoeing around the whole thing and you know he's trying to be as supportive of Mickey as he possibly can because he's been a Mickey shoes but he also realizes he wants to get back into baseball again and if you want to get back into baseball is not gonna get paid what he thinks he's worth he's going to have to be a guy that can collaborate with the front office and all of those things in and hopefully somehow some way have an impact of the players in the field but my my whole thing about the Mets is that they are poorly constructed that they do have pieces that they can trade there are three pictures that they maybe even four if you wanna gas even mats although I don't know so no anybody would want him right now given his injury history and as an effective that spot you know from the crime scene to go hard and we are I would listen offers dom Smith listened offers Frasier's gotta go you know there's no way you got to get ready canal the reason I say Tom Smith is because he's walked at first base and he's not an outfielder his arm is not out of fuel if you see him throw he he was like it was like a first baseman you just got to make a good trade with them though we'd get something back that's going to help you because I just given up on a guy who finally turned okay did everything asked him to address right today after traded because you you know why the house you know it but if he would have done what you asked him to do an initially maybe P. Alonso's not here but because Peter Alonzo is here now yeah because Tom Smith failed initially and he wasn't mature enough to handle it became an overweight and all that other crap now it's time to maybe move him to a team that needs a first baseman you know and he could be somebody that you know one of these teams you know running here for a pendant or wild card would go after I and that's what you can look at and then you got to figure out okay how do I find a legit center fielder how do I find a legit shortstop maybe there's a shortstop in the minors are talking about I I don't know you're gonna find a legit third baseman I mean right now the Mets have one of the worst infield in baseball yeah the problem is though that these guys were talking about that you want to move on from like they do charge us than off to make you not want to give up on you guys I'm saying I'm just telling you like I keep telling yourself the giants are removed Odell Beckham junior I don't know if it's going to work or not but they took but they had the stones to move L. Odell Beckham junior trade on the Rangers traded their captain Ryan McDonagh for god's sake the islanders let John Tavares walk well it was really more John the viruses kind you know doing because you want to go home and played just much like while under did well I but the outers help bond on they got nothing for him and I think that there probably kicking themselves in the **** because of it yeah but but I'm just saying like you got over realize when you all are your down to the minors you don't have a whole bunch of you know support you know from that area and you do have major leaguers that due process value to other teams at this point yeah I was tonight I follow your track but I will tell you right now don't hold your breath because this guy who stood in front of all of us at that podium and said come get us where the favorites who I would name why the Braves better than us all these things and that led to the top of it I bring a championship this year every single year I do I do but that that's the other side of this whole other argument is whether or not you trust him to do the right thing that when making these types of decisions if that's the path they're going to go to tell any of that guy is not given up flew to the top is not given up by the way you're not gonna hear anything other than not giving up for Mickey Callaway in his coaching staff in his players because that's the way that they have to react as to whether they have to look at this but you know they they probably feel like they can get themselves back into it and you know who knows after two weeks well now well it will know whether or not they come out of the breaking get off to a great run or they just continue to be this middling team with this poor defense behind the pitching staff and a bull pen that has been nothing but gas cans I don't know what else to tell you and that's why they they have got to really seriously consider going to their fan base and saying look we know that we did not construct the tea in the right way we have Ballia by assets that we now can rebuild with well the fan base deal with that well they put up with it sure I think the put up with this yes removal of losing that's gonna last couple years and what's worse gonna get ideas rumor NGO on the fan CBS sports that were more Yankee tickets to a Marvel super hero night coming up in about twenty minutes from now Hey small business owners your doing business in New York the straightforward communication.

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