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A potential mortgage collapse, and that's according to Market watch economist As the Corona virus pandemic has upended our economy, guys, it's it has also disrupted the rental market. A lot of layoffs furloughs as we've been talking about left millions of Americans and unable to pay their rent. Landlords, though, have been forced to shoulder property tax. And mortgage payments in the interim, So all told 30 to 40 million Americans face the threat of eviction. Still, as a result of this pandemic, housing advocates and rental industry officials have argued that lawmakers need to approve at least $100 billion in emergency rental relief to stave off infection crisis. My question is, what are they going to do for Morgan Shoulders? I know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are helping some of the lower and mortgages. But what about people on apartment buildings and such? That's always the big question here. DowJones as a captain Pete all building on leads from yesterday. Dow Jones Currently 84 points at 3 28,087 S and P F. 16 at 34 35. NASDAQ Up 45 11,000 for a night. A lot of this comes on the heels of the fact that The jobless claims dipped to 840,000 that was lower than expected markets Reacting nicely, though, that coming up at 7 20. Some economists say that Joe Biden may not be so bad for the stock market. I'll tell you guys all about it coming up for a few minutes. Thank you. Silly time now for extra 13 60, Fox Sports San Diego Johnson Richards. We'll begin this morning in Major League Baseball and your San Diego Padres locked in an N L. G s with the Dodgers, and it was the Dodgers Cody Ballenger to solo home run Rob Fernando to DC Jr of another one and Joe Kelly. Out of a bases loaded jam on the top of the ninth inning as the Dodgers beat the pod 6 to 5 last night in the game two of their NLD on Syria's Game three is this evening, the Padres air facing elimination, a dream a home will throw for San Diego. The Dodgers have not yet announced their starter. The Braves went up two games to one over the Marlins yesterday, thanks to a two to nothing shut at Oakland held off elimination, downing the Astros. 9 to 7. Houston is up two games to one the Rays or game away from eliminating the Yankees down in New York at Petco last night, with the final of 8 to 4 to football, we find the NFL season gets underway tonight with the Bears hosting the Bucks. Both teams coming at three and one and one more ofthe day today before Game five of the N B A Finals tomorrow night, the Lakers Then close out the heat with a win leading three games to one my Jets Richards with actual 13 65 SPORTS San Diego A 110 year old baseball card is going up for auction. It's a super rare Honus Wagner baseball card. It's expected to sell for more than $1.2 million. Golden Auctions sold a different Wagner card in better condition for more than $3 million.4 years ago. Blossom Orla. They're only about 50 of those Wagner cards in existence. The Hall of Famer played 21 seasons in the major leagues from 18 97 to 1917. His career was spent with the Pittsburgh Pirates. That's a good bonus if you gotta Honus Oh, You hurt me, You know, the Hollywood Commission releases its results of a study on diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. Here is Michelle Pelino and Anita Hill led commission showed a wide gap in perception in diversity and inclusion in the workplace in Hollywood and wood it has achieved so far. Men in Hollywood overwhelmingly view positive progress and welcoming and valuing diverse backgrounds, while women surveyed around twice as likely as their male colleagues to say they had experienced by Icer unfair behavior, according to the reports, While women of color cited even higher rates of diversity and inclusion, bias or unfair behavior than their white counterparts to underscore the lack of progress, the commission provided respondents quotes. One stated People hire who they've worked with before. A Delaware teenagers reaction to becoming the high school cheerleader is melting hearts around the nation. Small ski who has down syndrome brought to tears seeing an email finding out she made her high school's junior varsity cheerleading squad. Did you make it a theme ninth grader from Wilmington, Delaware. Practicing for 16 hours ahead of try out, Don't you enough for doing this to me? Mom sharing the touching moment to Facebook, where thousands are now cheering Kayla on her mom says she's never seen her daughter would be a part of something so badly. Posting inclusion matters for everyone. We take a look at a scathing editorial from a respected science journal that's coming up. Plus, we get a real time traffic. And is it finally going to feel like fall? We will let you know in three minutes on San Diego's morning news cargo news time is 6 56 I I heart radio is the number one choice for music, radio and podcasts, all in one. 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