Mccabe, FBI, Michael Flynn discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


That the i g as well as others have information that whistle blowers have gone to the ig andrew reported that uh mccabe actually asked fbi agents to change their 300 to witness interview forms that would be obstruction of justice by any definition because the 300 to interview forms sets a formal interview that the fbi gives two two people that they're investigating or witnesses that they're talking to correct burden for example going the interview someone as they did with um a former national security advisor michael flynn and they would sit down do an interview with him and then they would go back and fill out these reports there called 300 chew forms and i'm sure greg has a lot of information on the reality of these things but they fill them out andrew according to the sources that i've spoken with the allegation is is that mccabe infringed or made some suggestions kick changing the 300 to which whistle blowers done reported to the ig and that would be very significant because that would i believe and i'm not a legal expert euro let greg talk about that be some type of obstruction in an investigation greg let's talk about the legality what we're talking about your uh the white house to smart but i mean the president's first state of the union addresses coming this folk came out a committee yesterday somewhere around six thirty seven o'clock eastern the president has five days to go over the memo that was put out by the house intel committee and then from there he will make a decision saying that he wants to be as transparent as possible um but let's talk about the specifically what sarah's mentioning here yet to treat trio to form uh if does were altered that obstruction of justice under the obstruction statute uh you have to be able to approve it it was a corrupt act will they're only five kinds of obstruct uh corrupt acts ally threat a bribe hiding evidence or and this is the most important one uh destroying or altering documents three of touts were all true to misrepresent the.

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