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Gee i swear i go on social media just makes me so tense it's like watching cnn i i may just get off of social media i'm reading neared a newsweek headline the members of the the bully boy little keaton jones who gave that video peel about being bullied well now they figured out that his dad is a white supremacist with white pride tattoos now is that the little boy's fault while i was in splendor we punish a child because of the the actions of a of of of apparent i mean it's just it's just so bizarre you know i always love when there are moments would we could recognize that we don't have such anger you know joe biden the vice president under barack obama's that somebody with whom i would never agree with and frankly i was always worry though because i think he's a pretty powerful politician he would have probably made of more attractive candidacy than hilary but biden son bowed died of geo blast oma the same kind of cancer that megan mccain's fathers senator john mccain is facing senator mccain back in the hospital this week they had a moment yesterday mega mccain is now one of the host sean that abc talk show the view and biden and mccain started well they had a very emotional moment you're thinking about brown almost every day and i was told khiari easier but the eu cultivate the tools to work with this and live with this i.

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