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Traffic and weather together here's Katie London We had an accident at clearer from I ten Katy freeway. Eastbound at dairy Ashford and. There was also one on the Beantown east freeway coming. Inbound Sheldon a in channel view that has, cleared one in Pasadena is affecting the frontage road in, eighteen Wheeler landed on its side, and it's, like an, all of, those two twenty five eastbound furniture lanes in, Preston London in. The Gulf. Has windows dot com twenty four hour. Traffic center rain chance is. Not that high here today and tomorrow then rain chances go up for the weekend specially top. Of the weekend forecast with. An upper level whether feature, approaching from the northwest hit him his storms this afternoon hot. And ninety three degrees upper seventies tonight, stray storm, tomorrow ninety three I'm Scott Lawrimore at the Weather. Channel it is windy and ninety seven feels like one hundred five at the KTAR h. Westside northside Lexus weather center to thirty-one our top story Fifty-seven-year-old Graciela Marino was. Arrested after crashing her car into wet concrete Tuesday night on forty third street in the. Two nine constructions Zone causing an. Estimated two. Million dollars damage burrito also had a. DWI charge in twenty ten. Local governments in Texas are getting a major financial boost from sales tax revenue the state controller. Says he's going to send. Around eight hundred forty three, million dollars total revenue to cities counties transit systems and special. Purpose taxing districts this month Houston little league team is on its way to the Little League. World series the post hoc all-stars whip the team, from Oklahoma eight. To nothing to qualify for the World Series in Pennsylvania right now the Dow is down five but the NASDAQ. Is up fifteen s and p five, hundred up three oil at sixty six eighty seven, our next update is at three o'clock and now more Sean. Hannity I'm Scott cutter. News.

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