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Bishop thirty eight degrees. Here are some of the stories we're following for you. Investigators continue the grisly task of searching for bodies in California's deadliest wildfire ever a camp fire has killed at least forty two people so far. It's just a matter of hours after filing period began yesterday for several legislative Republicans to introduce a Bill to overturn San Antonio's mandatory sick paid sick leave law. When city council voted last summer to support paid sick, leave many council members said they expected the measure to be overturned in the legislature, a group of asylum-seekers has been removed from the bridge linking El Paso to warez and taken to a shelter south of the border, Texas, congressman will hurt who's district stretches across the border says seeking asylum is not against the law and Hollywood continues to mourn the laws of. Comic book legends Stanley, the co creator of marvel comics, and of course, superheroes. Like the fantastic four. The x men and spider, man. It was ninety five years old everyone from a Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill to patent Oswald. The comedian to Chris Pratt. Seth Rogan even Lin Manuel. Miranda and kiss front, man. Gene Simmons all paid tribute quick. Check of your money on Wall Street. The Dow is down thirty nine points. Breaking news on the hour at the half anytime at W O, A dot com. It's brought to you by comfort air engineering more. Glenn Beck ahead. But first a look at traffic and weather together from the O way.

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