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Economy terrible for the environment terrible for everything so the more that we can figure out how to get cars moving as quickly as possible the better off we are two six seven one or two three r a liz as online to jeff has online one we have a lot more phone calls to get to my guest here is chatanooga mayor and de berk will take a short break we'll be right back to the phone lines fine you're listening to the brian joyce on one or two point three fm as his dr cabinet boys bulldog nation you're where you need to be gained days are red and black all the talk monster the trump administration is going ahead with a controversial plan to allow drilling in most us continental shelf waters including protected areas of the arctic and the atlantic areas where governors from new jersey to florida oppose it as does the defense department interior secretary ryan zinke says states and local communities will be allowed to have their say before the proposal becomes final a bomb cyclone churning over the atlantic creating blizzard conditions for many places along the east coastline meteorologist tom sader says some places are getting hit hard we already have up to eleven inches by two miles from atlantic city virginia beach had fifty mph winds for three consecutive hours all flights have been suspended temporarily up new york newark airports because of wind and whiteout conditions the white house says president trump will host of bipartisan meeting of congressional leaders next week to try to hammer out a deal on immigration reform wall street holding on to gains the dow remaining over the record 25000 mark i'm michael toscano when i grow up i wanna be a new pair of blue jeans when i grow up i wanna be a kid's first computer when i grow up i wanna be a glass countertop in a new home when i grow up i want to be a kid's best birthday present i grow up i wanna be a football stadium when i grow up i wanna be a warm place in a cold day i grow up i wanna be affairs fancy bag call us.

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