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Baltimore's HAMAs total for the year to one hundred eighty one the victims. Of fifty four year old man gunned down. In Penn north a twenty six year old man shot. In the head in cherry hill seven. Public schools near. Buoy test high for lead concentrations in drinking. Water. To public schools, and one private school in Harford county, also testing positive Howard county's schools will. Be tested, in September exposure. To lead can cause slow growth hyperactivity and lower IQ. Top clergyman accused of covering up sex abuse, in, the Catholic, church leaders in. Washington that the church has much to atone for while we work to restore Confidence in the ability of the church our ability to treat this problem We need constantly to be there for, survivors let's cardinal Donald world speaking during a mass, cathedral of Saint Matthew the apostle a grand jury report released Tuesday found but hundreds of priests sexually. Abused more than two thousand, children in Pennsylvania over a span of decades since that report came out Pennsylvania's attorney general says his office received over one hundred fifty. Calls, and emails, from people wanting to tell their stories and seek Justice President Donald, Trump licking his decision to revoke the security clearance. Of former CIA director John Brennan to the special counsel's investigation into Russia election meddling Trump telling the Wall Street Journal that his decision sends from frustrations with the ongoing, investigation that touches on potential collusion with his campaign Trump, telling the paper I called it The rigged a witch-hunt a Shan and these people that it so I think it's something that had to be done sports in a moment Honey, what's going on It's just logging in and checking on our, account and I thought, we were going to do better this. Year I know I've been trying to watch what he spent no more stopping, for, coffee for me Copy is going to do it need more income. For our day to day not to mention sitting aside something for the kids..

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