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And city in europe it's a pretty big city berlin berlin yeah i would have thought of that sooner but you didn't have it on a different list that we were just doing so is my number one this summer destination you didn't how they're talking about all in from your favor no i talked about has not fallen from my favorite i still pine for berlin the three days we stayed there in the summer were epic i love the fact that you can bike everywhere the food's great it's a super young vibe it's hip it's cheap and there's so much i mean it's a huge city with obviously many many different districts and the history there is you know as you well know hat that's why it's so different between east and west berlin and all that is a very cool spot very cool spot and the weather's fantastic in the summer so for me if you said hey you could be anywhere for three months i mean that has been a dream of mine for the last couple of years if because of this podcast is to get an apartment in berlin and make it a home base and especially because if we're talking about being able to travel from it i mean you wouldn't have to travel from berlin for three at all for three months and have fun but you can get so many places and trains and planes i mean the world is open up to you it's you know it's an epi center of a lot of cool stuff to do in europe and for me like every place i chose had an oceanarium senior by it and berlin doesn't but i have read that you can take the train north and you're in the baltic sea in between scandinavia and the rest of europe and there's some cool spots like there are some beechy vibe towns there so for me it's like if we're staying anywhere for three months and especially if it's warm weather like i have to have access to that right that's the one downside to berlin doesn't have you know you're not barcelona never not capetown you're not sydney.

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