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Go anywhere in front of a large crowd without making it about campaigning president trump travels to Michigan a battleground state grappling with both the coronavirus crisis and historic floods it's Thursday may twenty first and this is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm ari Shapiro ahead this hour we speak with one Michigan resident who was forced to evacuate now back home and pumping water from her basement I feel non today in the mall sold I worry more about while also is more people are getting tested for corona virus antibodies how to interpret the results at some point we have to resume life again based on this test I feel like we have a bit of security and what's it like to end up with you on musk's old cell phone number we meet a woman who knows first hand first the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm winter Johnston president trump continues to push back against a mail in voting at head of the November election many states have put a stop to in person voting because of health concerns over the corona virus speaking to reporters outside of the White House today trump said he would support it in some cases we don't want them to do mail in ballots we don't want anyone to do a valid ballots now if somebody has to mail it in because they're sick four by the way because they live in the White House and they have devoted Florida they will be in Florida there's a reason for it that's okay trump has repeatedly alleged without evidence that mail in voting leads to election fraud the president voted by mail in Florida's Republican presidential primary in March the Senate has voted along party lines to confirm Texas congressman John Ratcliffe to become the country's next director of national intelligence NPR's Greg Myre reports reckless it is an outspoken supporter of president trump John Ratcliffe is the fourth director of national intelligence in less than a year the reckless has limited experience in national security he'll now oversee all seventeen U. S. intelligence agencies he takes over at a sensitive moment US China tensions are rising over the corona virus pandemic in many U. S. officials are warning about renewed Russian attempts to interfere in the presidential election this fall Democrats strongly objected to rack cliffs describing him as a trump loyalist who lacks a deep background in national security but the Republican majority in the Senate didn't need democratic support to confirm him Greg my reach NPR news Washington the trump administration is asking Planned Parenthood affiliates around the country to return that millions of dollars in emergency loans NPR's Sarah McCammon reports the small business and ministration says the organization has too many employees to qualify for a program to keep workers on payroll during the corona virus pandemic in letters obtained by NPR the SBA tells local Planned Parenthood affiliates they're not eligible for the federal paycheck protection program Planned Parenthood officials say its local affiliates not the larger national organization applied for and received the funds Jessica Abraham says a government contract lawyer she says the rules are unclear they keep changing the rules right Sir entities that qualify three weeks ago may not qualified today so it's not really cool there's a lot of confusion a lot of concern according to the agency Planned Parenthood affiliates have applied for more than eighty million dollars in forgivable loans some Republican senators are calling for an investigation Jeremy Kamin NPR news Washington at the close on Wall Street the Dow was down one hundred one points this is NPR news in Washington Ohio says it's canceling it stayed fair to limit further spread of the corona virus Paige Pfleger from member station WOSU reports it's the first time the event has been canceled in more than seventy years the Ohio state fair is one of the largest in the country drawing nearly one million people to Columbus even contributes millions of dollars to the economy and is a showcase for the state's agriculture industry Virgil Strickler is the fair's general manager it hurts me for for canceling but it's the right thing to do it's the same that score protect all high winds that would come to our fair and anybody else there's for once the last time the fair was canceled was during World War two the very first Ohio state fair in eighteen forty nine was canceled due to a cholera outbreak for NPR news I'm peach flavor in Columbus New York governor Andrew Cuomo is urging residents to take extra precautions ahead of the Memorial Day weekend the governor says state beaches will begin re opening on Friday but with restrictions and that the corona virus pandemic primarily fifty percent capacity and then social distancing on the beach no contact activities obviously social distancing will be enforced Cuomo also announced today that schools in New York state will be required to hold it summer sessions online he says it's still.

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