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I had such a sense of urgency to write this story. When i finally got around to writing that i would get frustrated. If i wasn't on. You know maybe i wasn't own because it was one thirty in the morning right and then there are other days where you feel like you've just got lightning in a bottle and you finish a chapter in your like i did that. I really liked that. Turn out better than i thought it was going to. But just you know i. It's almost this weird combination of a sense of urgency and patients that you have to put together a lot better at the sense of urgency than i am. Patient But i i. I can see why we're related them. Because i have that same issue. And i know what you're talking about it but i i hear that word a lot when ask authors That very question that is. It'd be patient it will get better You will get through it. It may not be on the schedule. You hooked it would be but if you have patients Everything's gonna be fine. It's gonna work out so at that amount Sam we're gonna jump over and continue this conversation patron I want to thank you for being a part of charlotte's podcast and bringing this this story to life It was it was fun to read and Try to connect the dots You know for me and We'll have a lot more talk about. I'm looking forward to that field trip. We're gonna take some time down to rockingham seeing show me around. There's not it's not a troutman there but we can probably wet with bass or something anyway. Thanks for being on podcast. All right thanks a lot. That's it for today. Another found author giving voice to the written words. You can subscribe to this podcast for free at apple. Podcast stitcher spotify iheart radio and most any podcast platform. You like. Listen to your podcast if you like what we're doing. Please consider leaving short written review on apple podcasts or the podcast platform of your choice. Because when you do our authors voices travel much farther and wider in podcast land and if your client to help us help. Authors give voice to the written words and you'd like some member only content cultivated by authors is our thanks. Please consider becoming a member supporter. You can find out how to become a member supporter and more about today's show and all previous episodes at charlotte readers. Podcast dot com. Thank you for listening. We really appreciate it. I'm landis wait for charlotte readers podcast charlotte readers. Podcast is a member of the twin city. Podcast network powered by ortho carolina for more information. Go to queen city. Podcast network dot com..

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