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All right. Gregg LaTour from Saint Clair shores em what's em. I'm going to go with metal. Okay. Let's see Saint, it's probably Minnesota enough to really stupid. Saint Clair shores, Michigan. Who do you think you are Greg from still stupid? But no. Oh not. Who do you think you are? Greg just put 'em is supposed to know g one of those Uber's what does that mean? Is it an upper peninsula thing? They I know you. They loved them. So the I'd never knew what the word Uber meant never heard it until I met them. And they all think the world knows what you wish. Yeah. No, not now I know. And I'll probably forget, no. You once you know, people are gonna come out of the woodwork now euchre's now that we talked about it this long. Right. But there's Michigan. There's montana. There's missouri. There's. What am I missing? I'm now I feel bad. I'm praying missing. Other I'm states. Who are you to just put 'em and assume you don't get to own em just like Jason Solomon, trying to be Jason America. When we have other American Jason's on this show. Who are you to just say 'em? All right. Well, here's a Sola monster. So he's a monster. Yes. All right, Greg. We'll forgive you practice didn't mean that. But if it happens again, then there might be some probation recently watching it old raw on the network and is reminded of something I totally forgotten about the oddities. Obviously, this was not a main event act or made event, faction. But the lifeguard at the time was definitely into these characters. It got me thinking about other mid card acts that the general audience was invested in over the years. I'm sure you guys could think of more, but that came to mind Raven's flock in the job squad. I feel like a five hours TV time to fill every week. There is a serious lack of any meaningful autocrat stories that are being told I'd like to wipe in yet. But we haven't seen any in ring action, wrangles, yet, I have to believe that wrestlers such as C three appellate crews Dana brook. No way Jose Mojo cetera. Have a place on TV with so much time to fill. I don't have to see every wrestler. On weekly basis. But it seems like the utter card story lines are few and far between is writing for the underneath wrestlers a lost art, do Vince in the creative team, simply brushed those types of talent aside because they don't think they're worth TV time. I'm sure if the brand split ended it'd be even less time for those talent for those restaurants to try to get themselves over what are your thoughts? Oh, and he says, when I watched some old wrestling on the network. I really enjoyed going back to old torch archives to read what was written at the time. One of the many reasons everyone should go VIP. So take Greg's advice. Everyone torch VIP info dot com. These ads go ad free, and plus free, plus tons of exclusive podcasts, and yes, thirty plus.

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