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We had a script just like we were talking about on the way here if you make those calls if you if you put the energy out there the universe will pay back now so we were doing two to three presentations a day inside of offices that we booked ourselves and to speak and inspire their cell seems and then we would sell them at the end of that to come to the live within tony took it from the they're both hill surrey weeks we will drop into the city with a cell phone a phone book in a place to sleep and our job is to put 2500 people into those live of ansari weeks markor sales commission only but it was fun and i transformed everything i got up i meditated a four o'clock every morning worked out and i was in front of rooms by seven or eight am presenting two to three keynotes a day whereas most speaker abdul one keno demongeot radu and two to three day so repetition being the mother of all skill as you know over and over until you master it and you know in you talked about and i like this topic of why do fourpercent only four percent of the people execute coming out of these events the analogy that a uses lake oh what is it who is of with one of the bold laws which is a success his simple but not easy success is simple but not easy and and what we mean by that 'cause he was like well how come everybody doesn't sell the amount of homes that you guys cell last year 100 and 72 homes and antipapal it's very simple everything that we do is out there there's no secrets it's execution but is just like you know rushing enforcing your teeth after every meal will allow you to die with the teeth you were born with exercising every day we'll have you.

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