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I'm in the town of Longyearbyen, which is on a Norwegian archipelago called small barred its way up in the North Atlantic about halfway between mainland. Norway and the North Pole and its Norwegian national day people. Here are celebrating in style. I love your your dress. Does it have a name? Yeah. And what is the history behind it eight every part of the country has their own do not. So it sort of shows. Where you're from. This is Keri Ellington. She's twenty six and like many of the women and girls in the parade. She's wearing an old fashioned dress embroidered with ornate flowers. Many of the men in the parade are wearing the male version of the nine fancy, vests, jackets and short pants often. Big buttons tassels at the knee. And almost everyone is also carrying a little Norwegian flag, not just carrying it waving enthusiastically, smiling big and spontaneously bursting into tears, it's a long jubilant river of red flowing through the snowy streets of this. High Arctic town. I know that some people making that it's like nationally. It's not. Norway for new itchy. But it's like sort of Norway for everyone. And I think it's like a celebration of the human rights and freedom of speech. The economist magazine currently ranks Norway as the most democratic country in the world and reporters without borders. Also puts it at number one on its world press freedom index Norway is also among the richest countries in the world, mostly because of its massive offshore oil and gas reserves, but some Norwegians have grown uncomfortable with that. Why should we just keep pumping oil and pretending to be moral superior to everyone going like, oh, we're the happiest people in the world while drowning oil this is easily will culpas. She's twenty seven years old and she teaches at a high school in Arctic city of troops. Norway just a few days before we met the Norwegian government had opened up more than one hundred new areas for offshore oil and gas exploration. I don't get it. It's such a bad choice. Norway doesn't actually use much of what it drills it meets almost all of its own energy needs with renewables. So it exports oil and gas and uses the income to provide free, healthcare and education and savings for the future..

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