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Senator John McCain is controversial. Not not in my house I think John, McCain is of course in the news is just taught about he, has been battling A particularly insidious and deadly form of brain cancer for over a year and underscoring just, what an awful diseases, is his family's announcing today that it made the decision to end medical treatment which is a condition, that if you've ever dealt with somebody close to you who said the battle. Cancer inevitably in many cases it. Gets to that point where you just decides that the, treatments aren't working anymore and they're having and it's. Just an adverse impact and there's just nothing more. To be gained, and then you, make that decision and I don't. Know what this means for Senator McCain other than the fact that it's typically a. Decision you make one nears. The end of his life, but you, know the family said we're gonna be discontinuing medical treatment I One of the things that. Candidly I always had an issue I've had a lot of issues during. The two thousand sixteen presidential campaign the some of the things, that then candidate Trump said and and. I will be honest with you. His decision to attack John McCain I understand the John McCain is a source has has been over the, years on a particular issue here or, there has been a source of I. Don't know consternation for for Republicans John McCain's always been, somewhat of a of a maverick and I certainly didn't agree with him on all the things he did by. By no stretch of the imagination but I don't know that I agree with anybody and. All the things that they do but I I remember when when President Trump during the course of the campaign, decided to respond to punch back, go, after Senator McCain by saying well I don't know why everybody refers to him. As a, war hero war hero of course John McCain served several. Years in Vietnamese prisoner of war After having his, plane, shot down and President Trump says to me heroes are the ones that don't. Get shot, down or words that effect I thought, that was disgraceful I just I did and especially I think it would have been stressful for anybody but. Especially disgraceful for somebody like, President Trump who avoided, you know used, various connections and stuff to avoid having to serve in the military himself to. Challenge Senator McCain service I thought it was appalling which isn't to say like I. Said, I understand. There's all sorts of. Political disagreements that are out there and all and I understand that Senator McCain had taken. Positions and wasn't a fan of Donald Trump's vice versa I. Get all that but I thought that was a particularly appalling thing to say and it's it to me it showed that Donald Trump the. Candidate really, had no filter and it's one of the, reasons why I, candidly hope that Donald Trump the president would be able. To restrain some of those those things and unfortunately I think that hasn't worked out that way, but John McCain who I consider at least to be an American hero. And that's that is acknowledging That I think he has been wrong on some issues. He has been obstinate on some issues I consider him to be an American hero and this this news extremely unfortunate but unfortunately at the. Same time, relatively predictable it is interesting to me one, of the questions, matter of fact several people emails about what happened if. At this point in time Given the, dire nascent nature of the, prognosis if Senator McCain. Were to now step down or if he were to. Pass away you know what happens to that seat in the simple answer is that the Republican governor. Of Arizona, gets to appoint a replacement for him that replacement whoever that is chosen would then serve until, the next general election not in Arizona knocked the one. In November but the next one and that would be to, fill out Senator McCain's term so whoever gets appointed would take off his. Pretty much immediately and would be there. For a while interestingly enough it does get complicated if the governor, and the. Governor of, Arizona Republican has said, that he's, he has no interest in. Appointing himself to that. Seat if the, governor of Arizona were to appoint a congressman well then the way The law works if you'd have to have, a special election to fill that congressman seat pretty quickly but if you appointed somebody, other than a congressman of, there wouldn't be an. Elect there wouldn't be an election in Arizona for a. While but it's a little bit complicated but the bottom line. Is for people wondering what happens if. Senator McCain, rather to step down or pass away what happens in the simple answer is you have a, Republican governor Zona who will appoint Senator McCain's replacement who. Will then serve for the foreseeable future until the next scheduled, general election which So that person would be voting for example on if Senator McCain were to, decide that, he was going to step down effective today the governor makes, an appointment next week that person would then be there for the hearings on judge cavenaugh for example so that that's that's. Where all plays into it but you only get too caught up with the politics because again I understand well somewhat controversial figure I think John McCain. Is is a great American I just I just do he was of course the. Republican standard bearer in two thousand eight which was a, year that given the ascendancy of. Barack Obama and the fact that Republicans were coming off you know eight, years of President Bush and the fact. That you know Democrats were completely mobilized to try to do away with any remnants of the Bush administration that that two thousand eight campaign I think we've pretty much probably doomed from, star But I thought he ran think, you ran a strong campaign I think he's been a solid conservative standard bearer again acknowledging some well I, don't know, some decisions that I don't think I would have made like, McCain Feingold campaign finance and things like but John McCain the announcement today that they are no longer going to be providing. Medical treatment for his particularly insidious type of cancer Whatever that means moving forward. You know tough, to say but not good, news I think everybody's prayers should be the Senator McCain and. With his family moving forward all, right when we come, back we're..

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