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If they saw the game was a highly rated game. So people saw it big time throat. So, but there's a lot that goes into making a throw like this. And again, here's rivers in the gun. Obviously he's going to be in the gun on fourth and seven. And what you see here is the. Matchup fuller versus Benjamin outta chiefs are playing what we call two men coverage. Meaning there's too deep safeties over the top and man to man across the board. So fuller knows that so what he can do when he plays man coverage here is he can actually do what we call undercut or tailgate the route by Travis Benjamin because he knows he has safety help over the top. So what that essentially means is he can let Benjamin sort of run by him a little bit because of the safety help. So you see him kind of do. Now rivers knows that. So rivers turns the ball loose so early because he knows the coverage and he knows that fuller will turn his back due to the two men coverage and will not see the throw. That's the critical piece. Rivers knows that fuller will not see throw because of how he plays the two men coverage. That's the way the two men. Coverages taught that you get on the inside hip of the receiver and. You let him get over the top of you. And you're going to see that here in particular that's quarterbacking. That's understanding the coverage understanding how coverage is played understanding the rules of the defense. Understanding the rules of the defense is critical for play callers. It's critical for quarterbacks and you can see right here. Fuller's not playing this incorrectly at all it's just that. That's that's the way you play to man covering how many quarterbacks how many quarterbacks in the league and make that decision at the line of scrimmage. Well, you would hope a lot. But then it comes down to the execution of when you turn that loose because the later you turn it loose. The the deeper Benjamin gets and the the more likely to safeties get involved in that throw. And then it's not there. So the willingness to turn that loose to me. That's why I've always been a big believer in the willingness to turn a loose for NFL quarterbacks. Now, you have to know when to turn a loose. But you've got to do that can't play with Greg Cosell. Great stuff on a Thursday. Thank you, sir. Thanks calling. Appreciate it. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific.

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