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Stay lawmakers in New York and New Jersey pushing for stiffer penalties for people who commit crimes at houses of worship are Mike sugarman has been looking into that Mike what's on the table. Well, it's an idea from two assembly members in New York and New Jersey and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish center in Los Angeles, and in New York, and and here's the idea the idea is if you're caught with an unlicensed gun in a church or temple or or any kind of house of worship you will be charged with a class e felony which is a lot stronger than what it is. Now. It's like having an unlicensed gun at a school yard. And the other idea is that if you do kill somebody or two or three people the sentences will run consecutively not concurrently. So the ideas you'll spend if not the death penalty, a long long time in prison, no bones about it, Mike, they say this is in response to Pittsburgh. Correct. Well, absolutely. And and it's not the only one there number twenty six dead in Sutherland springs, Texas, a couple of years ago and somebody shot somebody in Nashville, and then of course, in South Carolina a couple of years ago, it's it's happening more and more. And then we're hearing about more anti semitic scrawlings in Brooklyn just today. And then I buy another story, I covered today was that there should be more social media checks on people who have want a gun if you apply for a gun the. Idea from Brooklyn, congress representatives, and and the mayor is that. If you apply for gun. They're gonna check your social media for the last three years. That's of course, from Pittsburgh because because the perpetrator in Pittsburgh had such a crazy ramblings the alleged perpetrator had such crazy ramblings on social media. So yes, it's all it's all because of Pittsburgh. All right, Mike, thanks for the update WCBS is Mike sugarman five fifty three on the afternoon roundup. What does building a better Bank? Look like, it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm inviting places the.

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