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And I know each WGN leader I'm Robbie James Bobby Smith In the case of mister fine on big top 1961 as Bobby Smith and the dream girls and they were one of Detroit's best kept secrets as far as that goes They put out ten singles between 59 and 65 and none of them hit but in many ways all of them showed mister fine was a B side to wanted and then Bobby Smith went out on her own and was on American arts and miss strong hearted of flip side of that walk on into my heart was always one of my all time favorite records So 888-876-5593 that's 88 88 roddy and Cleveland Dennis is an Elgin Welcome back to WGN radio Oh yeah hi Raleigh I love this show tonight How you talk about the record goal and all that over here in Chicago Yeah Very fascinating and interesting But yeah you talk about your nausea You having Ginger tea I suggest you get the actual Ginger root you cut it up and it's pretty strong It could be like spicy hot but you have it direct like that it might help you along Well that's the next step You know I've had Ginger before It's really hard to get the bark off the Ginger I mean I can't tell you how many times I've cut myself with that Yeah you gotta be you gotta be a restaurant worker to shave it off somehow Or you could take it and shave it with the cheese are greater Anyhow I gotta say I love Scotty when he calls it For me too I was very fortunate yesterday on saint Valentine's Day went around the corner to the old republic restaurant They have an outdoor area built from some old ocean containers and they had the live entertainment and it was the son of Ralph donner Oh wow That's great Yeah yeah He's been gone I was touching his hand and taught that talk to him in a couple of pictures but when you get a chance you can play some rail downer but I need to ask you Was it the dells that was singing not unusual Absolutely It's a flip side Yeah that's nice Yeah my favorite version of that Yeah I saw Tom Jones back about 1969 over in highland heights Eastern suburb of friedland and outdoor event they had the giant 10,000 all that but anyhow what I really called about was Prince Andrew How does he get off by just paying off Just a criminal charge Because no it wasn't a criminal charge It was a civil suit It was It was a civil suit She filed civilly and he had filed about a month ago to dismiss it and the courts ruled that they would not be willing to dismiss it So it absolutely was civil but I just find it a little disingenuous that she could say oh I'm not in it for the money The hail you ate this This was Big Ten minutes I'm not saying that's bad but why not fess up you know I think if it were me I'd say hell yes I'm in it for the money This is my payday Well okay but that was here in America right Down to English law Yeah no I believe it was I believe it was right here Let's see where Virginia I've got the news of course I had to print it out don't you know big story and all So let me find it and see that's a good question But anyway he had he has 30 days to pay up and then after that she will dismiss all the all of the suit but what I'm pretty sure is the U.S. court but that's a good question Yeah Just fascinating how all this stuff kind of gets swept under the rug Well you know the whole thing to me smelled from the beginning I don't see how you can bring up things that are more than 20 years old I just I don't get that So if this wasn't a payday then nothing was You know but what court was it filed Let's find out that's easy enough to do And I have another comment Last week I think you played I've had it by the bell notes Yes I find it such an interesting song because as you listen to it you can almost hear the singer walk up to the microphone to start singing at some point I think it was done in a while I think it was done in a Long Island radio station But in any event it was in New York It was a New York federal lawsuit Yeah you'd be surprised how many records are reported in like Bobby Freeman One of his was it and the drum beats are actually a box of news newspaper turned upside down So this is beyond me but I love it Yeah I guess I love it My favorite location was remember Susie darling by Robin Luke Oh yeah Yeah He recorded that in his bathroom in Hawaii And if you listen very very closely the Hawaiian police calls are in there I'm looking up tonight I love this I don't know I don't know on most of this stuff You probably have to find the original 45 because just about everything in the world has been remastered and you won't hear it but now I was reading last night about and I got to think of the song right now But what they did was they used the septic tank for reverb and I thought oh my God Yeah oh I know exactly what it was It was Billy Joe royal and his version of not I knew you when but another one of the Joseph songs that they actually used a septic tank for reverb Yeah They put the microphone down it Yeah How in the world Well it's I know the septic tank is 'cause I had one when they had 5 acres over in the second incorporated Elgin but my God I accept the tank how they get down in there Well it's fairly easy to get in If you have one you can think of all the ways But as far as that goes septic tanks would be a big step up from where we are we're all still on cesspool where we live Right So you're really out there and they know All right thanks for calling Yeah Love it Thank you I know Maybe it was down in the boondocks I don't know but one of them they actually used a septic tank And yeah as far as cesspools we all kind of keep our fingers crossed because most of the lots are not large enough to accept a septic tank because the.

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