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Welcome to managing remote scenes. My Name's John Osmond and today we're GONNA be talking about six best practices for success. So here's what I'm going to be covering today. I'll start with a little bit of a bio background about myself will then cover some virtual team statistics and then we'll talk about the number one reason. Why virtual teams fail and then we'll cover six best practices that can that you can Use and help In terms of helping you manage your your team all right so. Let me start with a quick speaker by our backgrounds. My name is Hassan Osman. I'm currently a PM. Oh detector at CISCO SYSTEMS PMO's stands for Program Management Office. And I lead a team of senior program managers who are all remotes on delivering complex. It programs. I do have to mention that views are my own. Not THOSE OF CISCO'S I don't represent Cisco's business in anyway. I'm also the author of a few books about remote work including influencing virtual teams and don't reply all and I've been fortunate that Their number one Amazon best-sellers also an instructor on About courses regarding remote work delivered online Parts of the Youth Emmy for Business Instructor Pool which is selection of courses delivered for Fortune. One thousand companies and. I teach everything from had to manage your remote team To how to have better. Virtual meetings The liquid ven diagram. I have shared here Shows the circles that intersect virtual teams project management and productivity and. I usually kind of show that when I wanNA give a little bit of information about my background And areas of interest so with the project management circle. I've been in project management for most of my career work at E. Y. Analysing why projects fail and

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