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All right let's turn on channel nine real quick there's some well it's off now but there's some bad vibes going on in syria where israel has been under attack i got a a an email here yeah isreaeli military says it hit dozens of iranian military targets in syria and i guess the the iranians rains from syria fired on israel and israel turned around and fired back that should be a bigger new story it's just it's just breaking just breaking news time this so i would imagine in the overnight and especially morning hours we're going to hear and see a lot of that israel retaliates after iran fires twenty rockets at the army in the occupied golan heights oh boy seton up over there and there's some footage of it already arch enemies iran and israel have appeared to edge closer to all out war after israel's military said its positions in the golan heights were fired on with a barrage of iranian rockets prompting it to respond with extensive strikes targeting tehran's forces across syria the attack if confirmed would mark the first time iran has fired rockets in a direct strike on israel israeli forces dramatically ratcheting up what has been for years a conflict through a proxy there but anyway several but not all the iranian rockets were intercepted by israel early defense force the idea of approximately twelve ten ten minutes past midnight forces belonging to the iranian quad's q u d s q ds quads force approximately twenty projectiles most of them are probably rockets but yet to be determined towards the forward line of the idf the israeli defence force positions and the golan heights so far not aware of any casualties any idea f release they say israeli accused the general in charge of the radian revolutionary guard corps external operation branch of orchestrating the attack it was ordered and commanded by croissant soleimani sola amini who is in charge over there in in syria so they fired on the golan heights and the golan heights for people who are unfamiliar with israel is the body of land that is directly that is directly borders syria so as you cross syria into israel the first steps you'll take in israel are the golan heights and that's where they fired the.

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