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So representatives what's the latest what do we know about how democrats fared well there it's looking very good for them you know there was this sort of panic among both the state and national parties in recent weeks that it could end up with two republicans in some of these races and what we're seeing is that's really not the case i mean to districts in particular interesting in the orange county area darrell issa's retiring so as ed royce those are districts that are even if democrats don't win this year looking more and more likely to turn blue and i think that we're you know all of these races have become sort of flash points in this entire tussle over control of congress and as you said even though some of them are still up in the air for example dana rohrabacher see in orange county it looks like there's two democrats actually competing for that number two spot the republican who thought we thought might sweep through isn't even it doesn't look like at this point anywhere near them well this brings between next question democrats safely the ballots in in in these races it's looking like do they really have a chance of winning come november nations are looking at this as a victory that he came in second and saying victory even if he loses to new somehow come.

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