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That she took delight in the place where the wall would meet the ceiling and i didn't understand what's going on until i realized that the womb is round and then she see straight lines for the first time as a newborn and that's fascinating it's incredible but we take all of this for granted so what if we looked at the world and saw it with allah and wonder and appreciation just for a moment is that something that could unify us so that we could at least begin to sit together and start to see the humanity in one another uh again inspiring and beautiful words heading into our thanksgiving holiday rabbi sharon browse rally russ thank you so much thanks for your time jonathan malaita thanks for your insight all right this is great sabrina continue those conversations as well with some other leaders that we're gonna be getting on the program to have this conversation rally browse thank you so much for that pete centrist well traffic is in horrible out there this evening it's brought to you by bmw collision repair now this is a this is the corky one here we'll start in san jose 280 northbound a meridian app police and fire on scene here they're trying to deal with an accident that there were clearing earlier but now a separate collision from the one at the exit to meridian has slowdowns starting again in that spot be aware of that now we have an actor with injuries again onto eighty northbound north of li lavigne's san jose right shoulders blocked up traffic just slowing not terrible here also cal trans reporting an emergency road closure 35 northbound and southbound between nine and black red los gatos lane's closed consider using an alternate route bmw conquered weatherford bmw berkeley have the only bmw certified collision repair centers in the east bay located in oakland and concord collision service with bmw train technicians oakland 575 weygand and 1320 one galaxy way concord.

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