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And every day at this time even on this beautiful gorgeous doughnut friday we roll you out something that makes you laugh a little bit and well really gives you some street cred we call this our urban word of the day it's time for the urban word of the day fan right now a little more hit on the street i can't understand a word you're saying urban day accuser what tech secure even tech security yeah put on blast by somebody shut down with attacks and then blocked you've been tech security was like oh man you got tax acute a lot in relationships it does so next time you get into an argument with your boss or whatever you just might want to execute them and then block of texaco is your urban word of the day thank you for saying that in dated urban slain so that our understand that there was the urban were of the day we damn stretch your cranium but i'll do a show and so don't give me a box of donuts or i'll get my hotel room and in my hotel room the box of doughnuts donuts like i'm not not gonna eat those i mean those were gift what would jesus do pediatric donuts but it's always a box a dozen a dozen donuts by myself i'm typically in the city for one night how many africa enough for a baptist church whatever would feed an entire little league team cover that hurts for a couple hours i don't know what to do with all the tone to all right i'll eat four do the rest of them.

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