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My Life in general is pretty similar to what's happening now but I think I'm feeling. I'm the same way where I'm on social media. Adam seeing people who? Are Losing their jobs, or whose family members are getting sick and it's just. It's like very eye, opening and making me realize how much. There is to be grateful for and I just had a friend who had a baby last week, and she tested the baby tested positive for Covid, and she's I think they. She's like Ben in the Nicu and she's doing better now, but it's just like a very scary time, and I just hope that people are really taking seriously what's going on? It's not just like it's not just a flu like there's it's. It's a little more serious than that to. It's always going to be okay. We just have to. Be Smart. Yeah and it's so funny, because it's not funny, but. I have been running around my neighborhood, and obviously like. If there's somebody else sidewalk, we you know, we go into the street and things like that, but I feel like I've made friends with a lot of my neighbors that I'd never known before because I'm like walking by their house every single day, and their in their front yard and I wave at them and. There is this weird sense of community that's like come out of all of it, you know. Yeah so I do find a lot of encouragement in that. Yeah, there's been it's also been really cool to see how people are like channeling their creativity like a bunch of the artists like musically even like Chris Harrison. His girlfriend Lauren, Zima are doing like the group dates were they are having people from the Bachelor? World on their instagram lives like it's been cold to see how people are. Just putting things out there as much as they can to help given game, everyone entertainment wherever they can, so it's been cool to watch everyone kind of come together. Know that you know everyone's in the same boat so. anyways, you shared a video I i. saw it on your page, and then I saw it on Jason Kennedy's page. Where was the the video? Oh, yeah, so this. Is that phoebe Yaffe Barking. Go ahead the baby. Okay so I saw that. Yeah, so I don't Jason Kennedy's page and then I clicked to see the girl that had originally posted it and. It was nurses and doctors there and like. Like medical workers at Carterville, Medical Center, which is in Georgia and they were on the roof of their hospital, all singing, this worship song that's called way maker, and literally the video I watched it maybe four or five times in a row, and it gave me chills. It made me cry. Like I couldn't and I honestly think my emotions are heightened right now, but it made me feel a lot of things, and what was really cool. We're seeing a lot of reaction from my friends when they saw the video like. one of my girlfriends. Sabina sought, and she started bawling, too, and she called me and talked to her and months, and we kinda reconnected over it. We both were like crying over the video, and then just like catching each other up on our our lives, and so I think this video kind of struck a chord of the lot of people. I have the audio from. If you WANNA, give it a listen really quick..

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