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Hold thirty years ago was substantiated at the time headline is warning of nurses murder ignored several days before newport kentucky nurse read the welsh was killed at hamilton county probation officer was warned that the murder would take place at the probation it was reported at the time that a girlfriend of william virgils supposedly told her probation officer that he intended to kill someone john d collins no relation to the current police chief was the head of the probation division he was quoted in some articles is saying the probation officer didn't take sue seriously because she was a habitual liar the probation officer received reports several days before the murder collins said but colin said the officer whose identity he would not released discounted miss daniels claim because she had a history of lying collins said quote he made a judgement call in her alibi obviously in hindsight he did not give the claims the credence should have been given and quote after wreath as death the system was overhauled to mandate that any potential threat be reported period the probation officers name was in released at the time but i founded mentioned in an unsuccessful civil suit filed by read this family the allegation in the suit was that sudan ual told probation officer bill wilson that virgil had plans to kill a church lady across the river wilson didn't alert his higherups according to the suit and virgil followed through on his plans the suit was dismissed for a combination of legal reasons involving governmental immunity and statute of limitations i tried to track down bill wilson but as you can imagine i would be hardpressed to find more generic name i haven't been able to track down the right bill wilson yet i did find however that by 1990 it seems he had left the probation apartment and hired on in static crossroads a 10week probation program designed to.

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