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See where he is. You just see if he's going to come on. I love to see how I'm used to having mine at least once a week. That's only macaroni great show John great Saturday evening. I'm done now. Oh, no. I know you want to know Ian sources good as gold but I know that a lot of them was the Stern Show staff. I don't know his sources on the royal family, but we could address that, you know next time I just thought oh here. He said I just thought how was coming on so, you know, so I wanted to get I wanted to get some room for doubt scary head. What's that Mark? How are you? Hold on. Where I had to get separated from everybody else. I'm I'm in downtown Vegas. The wind is insane right now. We're filming a thing for my life my girlfriend and her partner in crime is are doing a show in Vegas. And so I've been filming the behind-the-scenes for them so that they can fax this to you know for posterity and for use for their Sizzle and all kinds of other stuff. So I'm just putting my make myself useful as well as ornamental. How you doing? I'm good. I just had two great guess I had Craig Unger. I strongly I recommend you haven't either one of these guys on cool. I mean, you know, he wrote American compromise about how yes, you know, how about about Trump has been yeah, you know a mark for the KGB since the eighties, right? Yeah. Yeah, and then I E and Halpern on who has incredible. He has a book called contract. She incredible stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and everything else is just unbelievable. Well, I'm in a I'm in a suite in this Vegas hotel that the owners of the hotel lived in Georgia until they passed away in 2014. And it is what can I say about the decor in this place? I mean, it's definitely dated but the odds are I'll show you I'll just let everybody see it. Yeah people. Can you go check this out? Leggett is this is like, you know, I was saying this is like I feel like I'm in Mae West's Bloomers or it's it's kind of like if if cocaine took a class on interior decorating at the Learning Annex. Yeah, it looks a little like Trump, you know, totally you know, like yeah, looks like it was designed by people. No offense who to the people who passed away who are gaudy beyond belief have no taste whatsoever and and never change. You know, that's the only thing worse than somebody who's stuck in a style is somebody who doesn't realize that it's awful. So so anyways awesome guests and I'm glad I could be on for a couple of minutes. I know you've been on for a long stretch. You don't need a bunch of me, but I did want to get your take on Ted Cruz. Yeah. I don't know if you've had a chance to watch the the clean up interviews, but they're better off. Then the cruise situation itself because he sets up both like I think Ben Shapiro Don Jr. He goes on Sean Haggerty and Hannity has not been informed. Apparently that Ted has already walked back the first lie. So so Hannity spends the whole first lead into having him on to the interview plays a clip mentions it five times talks about how I use just flying down there. He was going to come right back. He's just being a good dad and he doesn't realize that job interview about an hour and half earlier temperatures. It already said I was going to say through the weekend totally flattened like just slams, you know, Sean Hannity in the office with a shovel and and then says that he drops the bomb on him Midway through the damn thing like in the middle of this friggin thing. He he literally goes out what I was going to stay through the week. And you know high and I thought about it and I had a lot of reservations about it a lot of reservations about it, but then I went anyways, I was like scrolling down below it might as well stay down here. We paid for the tickets and then I looked at Twitter and I thought if I want to have a chance at keeping my seat for more than 17 days. I should probably fly back and pretend to be useful and that I mean never mind the fact that like has just raised like three point two million dollars, right? Nevermind metal Rock God. Yes, and not in her mind by the better Iraq Iraq was literally running phone Banks to call elderly people to make sure they didn't die. Never mind any of that the sheer fact that Ted Cruz literally is like I don't know what I would be doing. It's not what we're going to do is we're going to try and get to the bottom of it. Well, you know what you don't need to move like why the power didn't stay on. Well, we know exactly why you deregulated the shit out of it. They didn't do rolling brownouts to keep the Blackout's from coming they had to do blackouts literally to keep the entire grid from collapsing and you're not hooked into the rest of the United States because the rest of the other states are united so that you can pull energy from it if something goes south Like it did I mean it's almost like California went through Enron just so they could learn like how to do it. You know what I mean? Like, it's like Texas wanted to be the Envy of.

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