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Definitely thing that happened now, of course, we also need some like awards cred, you know, because you do one for the one for the critics than you do one for the cash register. You know what I mean? And reason Oscar Sam Rockwell played, basically the character I just described in regards to Walden Goggin. Ironman too. Okay. So I feel like he should come back, right? I mean, he's just always fun to look at this. I'm also a big fan of the completely CGI character director Tyco what DD played in that. I didn't know if that was a cheater, not org. Yeah, I definitely cork court. You need some light comic relief, right? You got anyone else on this supporting eventers team. Yeah, I do actually. Okay. You know, it's it's been awhile since we've seen a really effective player coach. I don't know if you Pete Rose, kind of got brought down by that that role because people thought he was gambling on the results. You know he he was, yeah, Bill Russell famously. Player coach, and it didn't get really into whether or not this person was a player coach in the basketball game that they were attending bright in doctor strange OSU where you're going, but he came back from paralysis. Yeah, which is just about as as huge amount as you can climb. It's penguin o play by Benjamin, Brad, the king. Yeah. Let me also say recent cinematic. History has changed the bar here because there was a film that came out a month ago. I think from your friends at Plum house called upgrade in that film, Logan, Marshall green plays getting little reject. It makes him be able to walk. Yeah, but the idea being to be worthy of coming back from complete spinal collapse raise, like bloodthirsty vengeance against those who did this to you and your family? Right in the doctor strange film, a man gains the miracle of ambulatory ability once again, and he uses it truly a pure. Away. He uses it to play against fat Joe's team at the play note to play pickup hoops underneath the BQ e. That's all he uses it for. It's kind of red of what would you do? Well, I can walk. Foreshadowing my my point is just shouldn't be sounding critically because what I appreciate the honesty of it like I can walk right now. I don't do anything special with this ability whatsoever. You know, although we when we were recording in the chapel studio the week, you mocked me for choosing the stairs over the one flight of elevator, right? It's four stories up for stories or floors up. There are a couple stare. I was more walking because you seem to be like we have x. amount of time to spend together per week. And you were like by taking this to walk with me, we live in LA no on different offices. You walk all day long. We're running a little short on time, so I want to talk about patron Melrose. You go watch the first episode. Let's let's this is. This is this is a limited series that was a co production between Showtime, sky, starring Bette at Cumberbatch based on the novels by Edward Saint Auburn. Yeah, and these are beloved beloved, Julia, Littman, we work with. We love. Loves these novels I think are among her favorite book, say are deeply autobiographical deeply like interior perceived right in the sort of investigation of the self of motion memory of trauma. Apparently also screamingly funny and quite quite Ribble because there's a lot of drugs in bad behavior, right? As this young man, Patrick Melrose sort of unpacked his terrible history, family history and deals with various addictions on the road to some sort of better life and Benedict. Cumberbatch had said that the only two roles he really ever wanted to play as an actor would be hamlet and Patrick Melrose, and this is the sort of project and now he's done now. He's so he's done by the way or he's announcing the news through proxy on this podcast, but it's also the kind of thing that would never be made in less than a Cumberbatch said, let's do this got a remarkable team around him, British playwright, and writer, David Nicholls adapted all five books into five. Episodes of miniseries Hugo, weaving, Jeffrey Jason Lee, and I must say the director at burger who did a brilliant job on a favorite of mine..

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